A Guide to Choosing a Podiatrist

A podiatrist plays a vital role in the treatment of many types of foot conditions. The most common problem that he treats is fractures of the foot. However, many people indeed visit a podiatrist for different reasons. Sometimes, they have lost their sense of balance or are suffering from the effects of arthritis. In such cases, the need for specialised treatment is a must.

TheSAPodiatry-Clinic Podiatrist AdelaideHowever, before deciding upon a podiatrist, it is vital to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, you should know what services the podiatry clinic provides and whether it is a part of its overall healthcare package or is separate. For example, a podiatry clinic that has on-site diagnostic facilities is always more convenient for patients. However, suppose your podiatrist does not provide this service and suggests you go to another location for foot care. In that case, it will certainly be an inconvenience for you to travel to another place for your foot care treatments constantly.

A podiatrist who is well-versed in providing all kinds of foot-related services is better equipped to diagnose and treat various disorders of the feet and ankles. However, this kind of specialisation requires many years of training and specialised training. Therefore, before you choose a podiatrist, ensure that he specialises in the diseases of the foot. Some of the common treatments a podiatrist offers include fractures of the foot, corns and calluses, painful fissures and tendonitis, plantar warts, bunionettes, hammertoe and many more.

TheSAPodiatry-Clinic Podiatrist Adelaide specialising in medicine is qualified to perform all medical procedures required to maintain health and treat feet and ankles. They also provide chiropractic treatments and surgical procedures, including invasive ones like coronal foot surgeries and arthroscopic heel surgery. Podiatrists can correct spinal problems, diagnose and treat various bone and joint problems, prescribe medications, and give advice about the appropriate treatment for different diseases of the feet and ankle. In addition, they are experts in performing and managing medical pedicures and massages.

A podiatrist’s work is not limited to treating foot and ankle disorders. The fascinating part of their job is that they can help women during pregnancy and postpartum disorders. If you have recently delivered a child, you must have been worried about the health of your feet. Your doctor would tell you to rest assured that your feet would return to normal after giving birth, and there is nothing to worry about.

There are many reasons why you might require the services of a podiatrist. If you have injured your foot, you may need to go in for an X-ray and an MRI. If you are suffering from some disease and the cause is a slipped disk, then it is best to consult a podiatrist immediately. Most people prefer going in for a podiatrist’s help because they want someone who can accurately judge the condition of their feet. If you want someone who can solve a problem within the shortest time possible, you should opt for a podiatrist. A podiatrist can fix a long list of foot issues, but there are specific issues that they cannot deal with.

You need to remember that podiatrists specialise in treating only one particular kind of disease or condition. Hence, they cannot cure other kinds of diseases like arthritis, heart conditions, and others. Hence, if you are suffering from a slipped disk or a fracture, you should inform your doctor about the same. Usually, a podiatrist performs the diagnostic tests required in such cases. However, if it turns out that the disk is not the culprit, then they will perform arthroscopic surgery.