What Sets Makita Tools Apart From Other Brands?

Makita tools are among the best power tools you can buy. The company was established by Keisuke Kadowaki more than 50 years ago. Since then, they have been making high-quality tools that people use every day.

makita toolsThis company makes several cordless tools, but the two most popular are the Makita 12V Max Cxt and the Makita Powermate 12V Max Cxt. Both of these products are engineered to be more durable than other brands, and they are engineered to last a lifetime and have features that make them easier to work with, such as the two-stage trigger and extended grip handle. The extended grip handle allows the user to perform fine delicate work such as threading beads or fishing lines.

Most cordless drills today come with a standard screwdriver tip, but makita tools have an innovative tip designed to minimize slippage. Because of this innovative feature, the tip is much less likely to slip out of the chuck. It also features a built-in anti-vibration system and a safety lock with an automatic key lock. The safety lock prevents the operator from turning the handle accidentally while the drill is in use. This added safety feature reduces the chance of an accident occurring when using the Makita PowerMate 12V Max Cxt.

The Makita XGT series offers high-quality construction and maximum performance for compact construction and light-duty projects. The series includes the PBX and PCX series of Makita electric cordless tools, including the PCX series and the PBX series. Additionally, the XGT series offers high-performance, more ergonomically-friendly, cordless tools, including cordless screwdrivers, levellers, drill drivers, and impact drivers. Forged and welded aluminium extrusions provide superior protection against corrosion and withstand greater torque and constant force.

The Makita impact drivers in the XPT series are designed to meet the needs of fastening professionals. These tools feature the PBX series, ideal for working with wood, soft metals, and plastics. These drivers are equipped with powerful impact energy and robust motor designs to facilitate efficient performance under various operating conditions. The PCX series is engineered for impact drivers suited for a wide range of screw and bolt applications. In addition, they are perfect for use with loose-fitting fastening applications and are great for applications requiring acceptable leverage and high-speed performance.

The Makita XPower driver series is engineered to work well with a wide range of handheld and mounted power supplies. The XPower line includes two different series to meet users’ needs: the XPower wet dry series and the XPower electric series. The XPower wet dry series is designed for faster and less messy installations. In contrast, the XPower electric series is engineered for long-lasting, reliable, and convenient installation with higher torque impact drivers and a shorter run time. Both series have been designed with high precision engineering and craftsmanship to ensure maximum performance and extended-lasting warranties. With over 30 years of experience and an unparalleled reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction, Makita continues to exceed the expectations of its customers by delivering new and innovative products that are engineered to meet today’s precise engineering and demanding needs.

There is yet another line of Makita impact drivers sure to meet your needs; the Makita nano series. The Nano series is engineered to provide the strength, power, torque, and durability required for professional-grade fastening and welding. In addition, these tools have been designed to operate more silently and with a much smaller footprint than their counterparts.